A New Life in Colorado

A lot has happened in the last month!!

After my last blog our prayers were answered in a major way.Jim,my husband was laid off from his job November 1,2015 and with it came a lot of stress and worry about bills,food,etc,but with the new year came new beginnings.

Jim got a really good job in Brighton Colorado,I got my first job since 2007 in Denver,and we uprooted and moved lock stock and barrel you could say.I believe it was our faith that got us thru those two hard months,and faith that put these new jobs in our lives.

Things just keep falling into place.For example we came here on a dime and with the help of his cousin Crystal and her hubby Doug we were able to sleep on theyre couch till we got a paycheck under our belt.Second as most people know its expansive to live in the Denver area,and takes some savings for a decent home which leads me to the third blessing since we have come here.His uncle Roger out of no where offers us his rv to put in a rv park and stay in so we can save to buy a home.I am calling this part of my journey we are entering the extended camping trip,and its going to be a blast I just know it.Partly because I am so elated that I can actually fit in a rv now lol a year ago I would not have.My weight loss has opened so many new freedoms and possibilities for me.I thank God everyday for my second chance at life,as no everyone is lucky enough to start over and live life instead of just existing from day to day.


Living on Faith


Somedays I just have to sit and wonder how I am going to keep waking up and going thru the day with all the stress tht comes with a layoff.My husband Jim was laid off from his job November 2nd last year and its now January and still no job yet not for lack of trying.We have done so many resumes and applications I have lost count.I have literally been living on prayer and faith taking things a day at time and trusting God has better things planned for us.It’s really easy to be faithful and good Christians when all right with the world and things are going good,but its a real test when everything has gone wrong and it just keep piling up thats when we should be the most faithful and trusting in Gods plan but the road thru it is very bumpy and very painful.Yet I am here taking it a day at a time trusting Gods will is going to get us thru this and we will vcome out better and stronger people for it.Deep down I know God is with me,and something will come thru it’s not what we want when we want it its what we need as we need it in Gods time.I know wha your probably thinking,but trust me this is just me venting aloud rather than venting to my already stressed and depressed husband.I need to be strong for him and this family and see us all thru this with grace and determination.So I will pray and leave it in Gods hand,Do the footwork to improve it,but my big girl panties on and a big smile on my face because at least we have each other and the needs we need at the moment.Goatta love life and all the curve balls it gives ya.

A little about myself


I have always been a little bit of a diva!!

With that said it’s been an uphill rollercoaster most of my life most of which was self inflicted.I come from your typical family mom,dad,4kids etc.My dad was a marine and my mom a nurse.I had 4 brothers and we grew up going from base to base as is the life of most military kids.It was a good life,but by the time of adolesence I was starting to gain weight.I was out of control getting up in the middle of the night and hording food under my bed.I didnt know at the time I had a binge eating disorder that diagnosis would be 30 or more years later.Fast forward 3 marriges and 1 kid later I was doing well on my diet rollercoaster then I got uterine cancer and had a radical hysterectomy at 27 years old.I survived it but went into depression and my weight spiraled out of control.I landed at 45 years old and 623 pounds


thats when I made a promise to my dad I would loose the weight as he said he had already buried on kid and didnt think he had it in him to bury a second one.A few months later sadly it was me who was burying him as a stroke took my wonderful father on a snowy morning in March of 2013.It was the sadest day of my life,and I miss him more than anyone knows.I kept that promise tho in July 2014 I started going to a gastric center and seeing a dietician ,phsycologist,and life coach.I was going for Gastric Bypass.I wanted to keep my promise to my dad and start to live again without the oxygen,hospital bed and power chair,but I was scared to death.Honestly I was sure I would never make it off the table in my health.I had lymphadema,high blood pressure,constrictive and cumpulsive lung diease,ect all the stuff that comes with being super morbidly obese.I met a guy tho that had already taken his journey,his name was Kieth and with his friendship and encouragment I got the guts to do this.On December 29th 2014 I went to Park Rapids Minnesota where a great Dr named Dr Smith saved my life.Shortly after that I lost touch with kieth but have never forgotten that God put him in my life,and will always love and cherish him for being my friend when I needed it most.It has been a rough year I am not going to lie,and this is what my blog is about one womans journey to be healthy and happy.It is now January 9th 2016 now and I am now 255 pounds and still have a long way to go